All-Inclusive Wellness Systems. Turning Indoor Spaces Into Healthier Places.

Kelliwell makes it EASY to have a healthier home with our complete “Wellness System” package of purified air, filtered water, air quality sensor and a smartphone app. Every system includes PRODUCT, INSTALLATION and a full year of SERVICE.

Kelliwell products detect and remediate 99% of toxins and contaminants from the AIR and WATER to create an indoor environment that helps support your health and immunity. In addition to our Wellness System, Kelliwell offers many, state-of-the-art wellness technologies. Our team will help you find the ideal solution for your property. Welcome home to wellness!

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Senior Living
Luxury Projects

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Ready to find out what's in your air and water?

Get a free analysis of your home’s air and water today! 

Wellness Stories

The Kelliwell Difference

Kelliwell makes it EASY to add wellness systems to improve the quality of the indoor environment and help support stronger health and immunity.

For Commercial Clients, we offer the country’s leading “Wellness Certification”, to ensure owners and residents enjoy the full benefits of wellness integration.

Best Products

Best-in-class wellness products are curated from around the world, at the most competitive price, with streamlined installation and maintenance to create an exceptional customer experience. 


Kelliwell offers the “Perfect Fit Guarantee” of ideal products within your budget. Kelliwell product and work is guaranteed for five years.

Customer Service Excellence

Kelliwell is your one-stop-shop for wellness. Should any issues arise or if you’re ready to add more features from our extensive product menu, all you do is reach out to us. No more wasted time with complicated contracts, warranties, dealing with repairs or vendors. The Kelliwell team makes it easy.

Supported by Science & Research

We believe this is the easiest, most beneficial thing you can do to improve the indoor environment in your home and create a healthier environment for you and your family, but the science backs it up as well. We believe you’ll feel better, sleep better, and live better with purified air and water in the place you spend the most of your time — your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kelliwell, 3-stage, filter system is installed adjacent to your current HVAC unit and passively filters all the air in your home 24/7 using your existing ducts. Kelliwell units effectively remove 99% of airborne toxins from your indoor environment.

The water filtration system detects and remediates harsh chemicals from the municipal water entering your home. Common contaminants in Southern California include chlorine, forever chemicals, arsenic, heavy metals and more. Our system also improves taste and removes odor.

Yes, our Air and Water Systems are guaranteed as follows:

  • Water – 7 year full product warranty
  • Air – 5 year full product warranty

Simply call us at 800-640-1946. It’s your one call, no hassle, point of contact. We handle any issues with your system and there is no need to have multiple contracts and confusing paperwork. Part of our mission is to keep it simple and make having a healthier home easy and affordable!

Wellness Updates

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Share your Kelliwell story! We'd love to hear from you.

Customer feedback is super important to us, as we continually strive to offer the best service to our clients. Thank you!

Share your Kelliwell story! We'd love to hear from you.

Customer feedback is super important to us, as we continually strive to offer the best service to our clients. Thank you!