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Healthy Home Systems for Builders

Kelliwell Wellness Systems

Everyone wants to have a home that helps protect their family’s health and immunity. Kelliwell makes it EASY to add health and wellness to your projects.

75% of Homeowners are concerned that their home’s indoor environment may be harming their health. Our Certified Healthy Home System is the easy way to remove and remediate 99% of indoor air and water toxins to delight your Clients and enhance your brand. 

Each Healthy Home System Includes:


Cleans the entire air supply
every 60 minutes.

Purification unit placed out-of-sight near your HVAC. Multi-filter system effectively removes 99.9% of airborne toxins for a healthier indoor environment. 

Final equipment and specs will be provided with each proposal.

Whole Home Water

Cleans all the water before it
enters the home. 

Tank is placed near entry point of water, usually in the garage, and removes and remediates heavy metals, treatment chemicals, bacteria, dirt, sand, and more. 

Final equipment and specs will be provided with each proposal.

Ideal Drinking Water

No more buying
bottled water 

R.O. System uses a multi-filter system to effectively remove and remediate forever chemicals, treatment chemicals and 99.9% harmful contaminants from your drinking water. Provides ideal hydration at the kitchen sink. Saves homeowners an average of $400 a year (no more buying bottled water) and helps reduce plastic waste into landfills. Unit includes holding tank. 

Final equipment and specs will be provided with each proposal.

Air Quality Monitor

Ensures your air
is optimal

Easy-to-read monitor is mounted on wall near your home’s thermostat and displays current indoor air quality elements: VOC’s, PM 2.5, Overall Air Quality. 

Final equipment and specs will be provided with each proposal.

Explore more features of Kelliwell

More Wellness Options: In addition to our Certified Healthy Home Systems, Kelliwell specializes in a wide-variety of premium indoor wellness equipment and technology for every home. 

Deep Sleep Rooms

EMF Solutions

Circadian Lighting Systems

Organic Aromatherapy

Air Purification

Air Quality Monitoring

Kelliwell Wellness Systems

Build a healthier indoor living environment using Kelliwell’s science-verified, premium equipment. Guaranteed for an ideal fit to save time and money.

How it Works:

To get started, tell us about the project

A Kelliwell Team Member will reach out to you within 24 hours to verify measurements. 

You’ll receive a detailed proposal via email with optional financing. 

Once accepted, your Kelliwell equipment is shipped to the project for an easy, (typically) one-day install by your team. 

Robust marketing is available on your Builder portal to add health and wellness to your marketing materials and grow your brand. 

Why Choose Kelliwell

Kelliwell as Your Certified Healthy Home Partner

Kelliwell Wellness Systems


Kelliwell Wellness Systems


Our Builder Partners enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Win more business
  • Increase revenue
  • Meet needs of home owners seeking solution to indoor pollution.
  • Increase Client satisfaction and referrals
  • Enhance your brand with wellness
  • Delight your Customers with this health-enhancing feature

The Kelliwell Healthy Home System can be easily installed in one day. Sample install time: each air purification unit (2 hours), whole-home water filtration (2 hours), R.O. drinking water system (1.5 hours), air quality monitor (30 mins). The system arrives with spec sheets, installation directions and access to installation videos on our website. Our Service Team is always available for questions as well. Our goal is to make it simple to install this system.

The Kelliwell team is available to service both your team and your Client. The equipment and warranty will be handled by Kelliwell and you will always be included in any communication. In addition, you can have your Customer reach out to us directly anytime. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority.

We are here to answer any additional questions you may have. You can reach us anytime at 800.640.1946.

Are you Ready to Add Health and Wellness to your Projects?