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Research Study: Bottled water contains plastic linked to cancer

Science Direct: Harmful Forever Chemicals in the Water Supply

The Lancet Neurology on on neurotoxicants in water supply and effects on children and pregnant women

Updated Map of Forever Chemicals Found in US Drinking Water Supply

PFAs Project Lab: Forever Chemicals Research and Findings

Frontiers in Chemistry: Synthetic Polymer Contamination in Bottled Water

Clean Water Action: Bottled Water: The Human Health Consequences of Drinking from Plastic

NCBI: Water Distribution System Deficiencies and Gastrointestinal Illness

USGS: Volatile Organic Compounds in the Nation’s Drinking-Water Supply Wells—What Findings May Mean to Human Health

CDC on Community Water Treatment

CDC: Choosing home water filters

Scientific American: Forever Chemicals Are Widespread in U.S. Drinking Water

NOVA: Toxic synthetic ‘forever chemicals’ are in our water and on our plates

The Guardian: EPA considers placing limits on ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water

Forbes Magazine on ‘Forever Chemicals” in the Water Supply

Environmental Working Group on Forever Chemicals

Nitrates in Water May Lower Birth Weight

The Water Quality Association details PFAs

The EPA on basic information about PFAs

The EPA: “Reducing PFA’s in Drinking Water with Treatment Technologies”

The EPA: a synopsis on the research and management of PFAs

The ATSDR: frequently asked questions about PFAs

National Testing Laboratories provides testing kits that allow you to ensure you have safe drinking water.

The Washington Post: the Problem with “Forever Chemicals”

Los Angeles Times on contamination of California’s Water Supply

CBC News: “Coca-Cola pulls Dasani launch in Europe.”

Conserve Energy Future: 25 reasons why plastic water bottles should be banned immediately.

BestLife: The 25 U.S cities with the worst drinking water

The Orange County Register: “Forever chemicals in Orange County drinking water to force widespread well closures.”

Patch on the cancer-linked contaminants found in Orange Counties drinking water

EPA Drinking Water Treatability Database

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