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FAQ for Residential Homeowners

Kelliwell Air Purification System

The Kelliwell, 3-stage, filter system is installed adjacent to your current HVAC unit and passively filters all the air in your home 24/7 using your existing ducts. Kelliwell units effectively remove 99% of airborne toxins from your indoor environment.

Yes. The filters remove airborne virus and bacteria spores.

PM stands for “particulate matter” such as, bacteria, viruses, smog, tobacco smoke, dust mites, asbestos, smoke from wildfires, mold spores, pollen, pet dander. The number distinguishes the “size” of the matter. As an example, a PM 10 means the matter is “10 or less micrometers” in size. As an example, a human hair is 100 micrometers. Ninety percent of particulate matter cannot be seen by the human eye, but can still be damaging to your health.

VOC stands for “volatile organic compound”. These are off-gases from synthetic materials in common household items such as furniture, carpeting, cleaning products, chemicals, paints and plastics.

The Kelliwell System utilizes a self-contained motor, allowing the air to be cleaned 24/7, even when your HVAC is turned off.

No. This is a bypass system installed onto your current ductwork. It does not slow the flow. It diverts 25% of the air through the Kelliwell filters providing a complete air change in your home every 70 minutes.

The cost of the air filters is approximately:

  • Pre-Filters: $18 (every 6-9 months)
  • HEPA filter: $50 (every 24 months)
  • Carbon Filter: $60 (every 24 months)
Yes, the air unit has a five-year manufacturer warranty. Our installation is also guaranteed for five years.

It makes very little sound, (there is a fan inside the filter unit). The noise level is similar to a floor fan set on low. Most of the time, homeowners cannot hear it because it is behind walls, in the attic, etc.

Yes, this is advanced purification equipment and it needs love.

Kelliwell Water Filtration System

The water filtration system detects and remediates harsh chemicals from the municipal water entering your home. Common contaminants in Southern California include chlorine, forever chemicals, arsenic, heavy metals and more. Our system also improves taste and removes odor.

Yes, the Kelliwell Water System includes a warranty of 5 years with a 100% maintenance-free filter with no water discharge and no electricity required.

The municipal water supplier “treats” all residential water to ensure that it eradicates any lethal contaminants. In order to “treat” the water, they are often required to add powerful chemicals, most commonly “chloramine” which is a mixture of chlorine and ammonia. In addition, the treatment does not always remove all the bacteria, pesticides, forever chemicals and heavy metals. The water districts are committed to the good health of the public and are doing their best given the circumstances of our polluted water supply which worsens every year.

No. We provide and install the proper size pipe and filter for your water system. Your water pressure will not drop.

Technology continues to advance so it’s difficult to gauge a filter replacement price but the system is guaranteed for 7 years, no filter change needed (it’s self-cleaning).

It depends on the age of your home. An RO Filter provides an absolute pure water drinking experience with great taste. If your home is not brand new, we recommend an RO because we cannot guarantee the condition (corrosion, debris) of the pipes inside your home.

Warranty and Miscellaneous Questions

Yes, our Air and Water Systems are guaranteed as follows:

  • Water – 7-year full product warranty
  • Air – 5-year full product warranty

Your filter changes are included for 12 months. Then if you choose, you can join our affordable Concierge Program and Kelliwell will continue your scheduled filter changes, or you can buy and change your own filters, or you can hire an outside company to change your filters.

Simply call us at 800-640-1946. It’s your one call, no hassle, point of contact. We handle any issues with your system and there is no need to have multiple contracts and confusing paperwork. Part of our mission is to keep it simple and make having a healthier home easy and affordable!