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Wellness Stories

"What a difference clean air makes. For the first time in 20 YEARS, I did not have to take antibiotics for my bronchitis in the month of May. I feel like I have been set free. And no more bottled water!"
Irvine, CA
"Our developer clients consider a 'wellness system' the leading standard in luxury homes. Kelliwell's customer service is extremely responsive and we look forward to more projects together."
Valia Real Estate, Corona del Mar, CA
"We woke up in the morning without an itchy throat or runny nose for the first time in years. And our water quality went from awful to excellent! So glad we got the system. Thank you, Kelliwell."
Bob & Christine
Newport Beach, CA
"As a custom builder, I've been recommending Kelliwell to all my clients. They love it. Wellness is the evolution of the smart home and it's even more in demand because it supports your health."
James LePak
James David Custom Homes
"All my friends bring their empty water bottles over to fill up at our sink with filtered water. They call our Kelliwell water 'the good stuff'."
Age 17
"My dad came to visit and it's the first time he has ever slept through the night at my house. He said it was the clean air that did the trick. I am so glad we got this system."
Los Angeles
"I have Kelliwell in my office AND at my house. Our developer clients consider a healthy home system a 'must have' in their luxury builds and we are getting great reviews from buyers."
Valia Real Estate, Corona del Mar, CA
"When we were building our house, our designer suggested Kelliwell. They came out and explained everything and the price was really good. The system is incredible. Clean air, clean water, makes such a difference."
Huntington Beach, CA
"Our water in the desert is terrible and when we received bids on water systems they were 3X the Kelliwell price. We went with Kelliwell and couldn't be happier with their product and customer service."
La Quinta, CA
"There was a wildfire burning nearby and I didn’t even realize it until I opened my door and smelled the thick smoke. Inside, our air was perfectly filtered.”
Mission Viejo, CA
Kelliwell Wellness Systems

Deep Sleep Rooms

Creates an ideal sleep environment. Purified air, temperature control, blackout shades, air quality sensor, EMF blocking and Circadian light for a rejuvenating night’s sleep.
Kelliwell Wellness Systems

EMF Blocking

Solutions to block Electromagnetic Field from any area of the home. EMF can be a source of sleep disruption and has been linked to other potentially negative physical outcomes.
Kelliwell Wellness Systems

Circadian Lighting Systems

These lights mimic the path of sun and naturally support the body for energy during the day and prepare the body to wind-down in the evening and have a good night’s sleep.
Kelliwell Wellness Systems

Vitamin Infused Shower System

Vitamin C pods are placed in the shower head to increase the Ph in the water for more hydrated, softer skin. Excellent for people with dry scalp, dandruff, hair loss, itchy skin, allergies.
Kelliwell Wellness Systems

Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Whole-facility water treatment for larger commercial buildings. Customized to detect and remediate toxins and chemicals in water supply. Also protects pipes and appliances.

Kelliwell Wellness Systems

Filtered Water Drinking Stations

Popular in fitness centers and lobby areas, these purified water re-filling stations provide top quality drinking water and reduce the need to buy bottled water. An environmentally friendly choice for a water filtration solution.