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Benefits of Wellness Systems for Seniors


insider tips on wellness systems for seniors


As the CEO of a Wellness Systems Company, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the leading Senior Living Community Professionals in the U.S. The dedication, care and deep commitment to providing an exceptional environment for Seniors is ever-present in this industry. When I introduce my company, Kelliwell and talk about ‘Wellness Systems”, these Pro’s are open-minded and they go straight for the “Science and Research” to hear more about the efficacy of the products that remove toxins from the indoor environment. Smart move and the science is compelling. It’s also unanimous that purified AIR and filtered WATER are good for everyone.

But today, I want to highlight some immediate improvements that occur when you add a wellness system to a senior living community. To set the scene, imagine that you have just installed some best-in-class wellness equipment into your community: AIR PURIFICATION, WATER FILTRATION, AIR QUALITY MONITORING, AND CIRCADIAN LIGHTING. It’s an easy, effective package and popular with our Clients so that’s what we’ll use in our example.

Here’s just a few of the MANY immediate benefits in a community with this equipment. These are the daily perks they don’t really cover much in the science journals. Let’s go!

It’s a Mood Booster

The four o’clock blues (and the time many of us reach for a cup of coffee) are common but with CLEANER AIR, the energy and the mood improve. Purified air allows the body to perform at a higher level, supporting cognitive function. Everyone’s brain works better when they breathe air free from toxins and the American Lung Association tells us that clean air is especially important for Seniors Another way to look at it is this — if the body doesn’t have to work hard to process the toxins you are inhaling, it has more energy left to support the body to feel well and happy.

Another Mood Boosting powerhouse is CIRCADIAN LIGHTING. This is an exciting newer feature in indoor wellness – so compelling that the study of ‘Circadian Rhythm’s Effect on the Body’ won the Nobel Prize in Medicine

circadian rhythmIn mankind’s early days, they depended upon the sun to know when to rise and when to sleep. All activity was determined by where the sun was in the sky. Same with animals, bugs, plants and all living things. This is our NATURAL STATE. Cut to 2022, surrounded by cell phones, fluorescent lighting, computer screens, and loads of unnatural light, and the body is confused and sometimes downright grumpy. In fact, unnatural light induces a stress response and can cause more frequent headaches and put you in a lousy mood,

The answer to improve mood and energy is to use a lighting system that keeps the body in its natural 24-hour cycle. Circadian Lights are multi-hued and they adjust to match the path of the sun in the sky. So at noon, the indoor light is bright and cheerful. In the evening, the Circadian lights adjust down, to create a relaxing effect and raise melatonin levels to prepare the body for a restful sleep. Back to nature’s clock and a better mood!

Is There Anything More Important Than a Good Night’s Sleep?

Since artificial light negatively alters the body’s natural rhythm and interrupts the sleep cycle, then adding indoor lighting designed to get the body back on track is the key to getting some zzz’s. In the evening, the lighting from a Wellness Circadian Lighting System tells the body “it’s time to get sleepy”. The color and tone of the bulbs lighting each room encourage the body to relax but without confusion – remember this is our natural state so the body reacts positively to these cues. These lights take it a step further by working with your eye’s retina to send messages that increase sleep quality and duration.

In the morning, the bright “sunrise” shade and tone of the indoor lighting sends a new message to the brain “rise and shine”. Imagine going from artificial light that confuses the brain to a system that supports your brain function 24-hours-a-day. Once Seniors have experienced the benefit of Circadian Light, the difference is powerfully clear.

Along with lighting that supports the body, Seniors will sleep better with CLEANER AIR. Cleaner air reduces sleep apnea, and allergies and asthma that can cause snoring and allows the body to heal, rest and renew. Your eyes can’t see the junk in the air but our filters catch it all (including airborne COVID!) and remove it at a level of 99.99%. Lack of quality sleep is, simply put, the worst. Cleaner air and natural, supportive, circadian light are game-changers for better sleep quality for Seniors.

air filter
Filter NEW and AFTER 6 months. Fact: Only 30% of people change their filters on time. At Kelliwell, we do it for you.

What’s in Your Water?

Unfortunately, 100% of the U.S. tap water supply contains some contaminants. Drinking the water harboring these contaminants is hard on our organs and for Seniors especially, it can negatively affect kidney health, brain function, digestive health, urinary health and more.

At Kelliwell, we call water the ‘#1 consumable’. You simply need a lot of it (64 ounces a day is recommended) and it needs to be clean. It’s not so easy to clean the water. The simple water pitchers sitting on tabletops that have to be refilled constantly are popular but not effective at removing the most harmful toxins in water. Water packaged in plastic bottles that can leech chemicals into the water is a story for another day…

Truly filtered water supports health and immunity.

Imagine the health benefits to Seniors when their bodies no longer have to process these common pollutants: forever chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, chloramine, chlorine, arsenic, bacteria, pesticides, iron, pharmaceuticals, industrial waste and much more.

And with Seniors having less water in their bodies than younger adults, they are also at greater risk for dehydration so filtered water is essential. Wellness Systems filter every drop of water entering the community. Seniors enjoy cleaner water for bathing (hello, more hydrated skin!), drinking, and even softer, odor-free laundry. Filtered water also protects plumbing from pin-hole leaks and protects appliances. Everyone loves the improved taste of truly filtered water! Here’s a fun fact, by the time you drink water from a Kelliwell Wellness System, it has been filtered a minimum of SIX times. BONUS: A Wellness System replaces the need to buy bottled water for big $ savings. Good stuff.

clean drinking water


Those are just a few benefits of ADDING A WELLNESS SYSTEM to your Senior Living Community. And if you really do want more science and research, we have it at

At Kelliwell, we are passionate about providing “Clean Air and Water for Everyone” and to get started, we offer complimentary wellness proposals to show you what adding wellness to your Senior Living Community would look like. We work with any budget and would love to work with you.

You Can Get Started with Wellness Options for Seniors TODAY —

Tyler Kelly Tyler Kelly is Founder and CEO of Kelliwell, Inc., a leading provider of indoor wellness systems for Senior Living, Multifamily and Single Family Homes.