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6 Reasons Your Apartment Building Will Love Wellness


6 reasons to add wellness to multifamily

After a long day out in the world, there’s no better feeling than coming home to a comfortable, safe and clean apartment. Potential tenants have many choices when it comes to choosing their home and adding this in-demand healthy home feature is sure to tip the scale in your direction. The answer is simple: wellness systems. PURIFIED AIR and FILTERED WATER are game changers for multifamily operators.

Now more than ever with society’s current health crisis, residents are looking to move into spaces that prioritize their well-being. Wellness systems are highly effective at removing toxins and designed to create a healthier indoor environment for residents, staff and visitors. Wellness systems have been shown to remove airborne COVID and ALL airborne contaminants at a rate of 99.99% — residents love that. 

Not only will wellness systems help protect residents from airborne COVID, but it’s scientifically proven that removing toxins from indoor spaces supports cardiovascular, cognitive and respiratory health and can improve conditions for better quality sleep and reduced stress. An apartment home that supports your health and well-being? Yes!

Still not sold? Here are six reasons why your apartment building would benefit from a wellness system. 

1. Differentiate Your Brand 

When it comes to apartment hunting, residents are far more likely to choose a building with wellness features when given the option. EVERYONE WANTS CLEAN AIR AND WATER, so having a wellness system can really give you a leg up on the competition. If there’s a similar apartment building on your block and your building has a wellness system, then it’s pretty safe to say you’ll be in a league of your own. “The #1 concern of 57% of Americans is their health and well-being.” (Allianz Life Survey, 2020)

2. The Return On Investment Is Impressive

kelliwell wellness systems

Our case-study of a multifamily building in Orange County, California determined that the addition of an affordable air and water system in each unit allowed for a $100-$150 per month rent increase.  If you think about it, $100-$150 for clean air and water for tenants is well worth the money for the health benefits which include reduced risk of allergies, asthma, exposure to airborne COVID, headaches, and much more. 

3. You’ll Have Happy Residents

Wellness systems are highly effective and they work to help residents and staff live healthier lives. You’ll have residents who feel valued and safe, which means lower vacancy and higher satisfaction – it’s a win-win. And here’s another plus – filtered water means residents no longer need to buy bottled water for an average savings of over $300 per person/per year. (According to our feedback from clients, this money-saving benefit is a tenant favorite).

4. Quicker Lease-Up and Residents Stay Longer

It’s hard to understand the life-changing benefits of wellness systems until you experience them yourself. Once your residents have lived in an apartment building that prioritizes clean air and water, they won’t want to leave. So for you, that means increased lease renewals and more referrals to your apartment building. Even your staff will rave about how good they feel breathing purified air all day.

5. Great Way to Overcome Objections

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Dealing with an older building when the building next door is brand new? Is your building near a freeway with less than ideal air quality? Have a problem with physical obsolescence and design flaws? Lack of amenities due to lack of space? Funky smells with no solution? Adding a wellness system changes the narrative. A “healthy living community” levels the field and gives you something the other guys don’t have. 

6. The Systems Works 24/7 So You Can Relax

clean airRemoved from the AIR: Airborne COVID, cold and flu, wildfire smoke, pollen, pet dander, smog, volatile organic compounds, PM2.5’s, flame retardants, chemicals from cleaning supplies,  odor, airborne mold spores, dust, dirt, sand, all for an efficacy of 99.99% pure air.

Remediated from the WATER: Forever chemicals, bacteria, parasites, industrial and agricultural waste, excess treatment chemicals, iron, chlorine, toxins linked to increased cancer risk, arsenic, nitrates and nitrites, heavy metals and more.      

BONUS: Filtered water protects PLUMBING and APPLIANCES.

At Kelliwell,

We make it easy to add healthy-living wellness products and certification to your apartment buildings at an unbeatable price. Reach out to receive a complimentary proposal on what a wellness system can look like for your property and your brand. We have solutions for every budget!

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Kelliwell Wellness Systems

Deep Sleep Rooms

Creates an ideal sleep environment. Purified air, temperature control, blackout shades, air quality sensor, EMF blocking and Circadian light for a rejuvenating night’s sleep.
Kelliwell Wellness Systems

EMF Blocking

Solutions to block Electromagnetic Field from any area of the home. EMF can be a source of sleep disruption and has been linked to other potentially negative physical outcomes.
Kelliwell Wellness Systems

Circadian Lighting Systems

These lights mimic the path of sun and naturally support the body for energy during the day and prepare the body to wind-down in the evening and have a good night’s sleep.
Kelliwell Wellness Systems

Vitamin Infused Shower System

Vitamin C pods are placed in the shower head to increase the Ph in the water for more hydrated, softer skin. Excellent for people with dry scalp, dandruff, hair loss, itchy skin, allergies.
Kelliwell Wellness Systems

Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Whole-facility water treatment for larger commercial buildings. Customized to detect and remediate toxins and chemicals in water supply. Also protects pipes and appliances.

Kelliwell Wellness Systems

Filtered Water Drinking Stations

Popular in fitness centers and lobby areas, these purified water re-filling stations provide top quality drinking water and reduce the need to buy bottled water. An environmentally friendly choice for a water filtration solution.